Attenborough Arts Centre

Attenborough Arts Centre

Attenborough Arts Centre is Leicester’s largest contemporary arts gallery and pioneering cultural hub, offering audiences a chance to see the very best in visual and performing arts. AAC pushes the boundaries, expectations and potential of contemporary arts for both our audiences and creators in a wide programme of performance, art exhibitions, courses and workshops, and free activities for children and families. Its work is inspired by world leading filmmaker and lifelong champion of accessible arts, Lord Attenborough. We continue his legacy in striving to support everyone in having access to see and make ground-breaking arts and culture.

For In Another Place Attenborough Arts Centre is presenting a still from a new film by multimedia artist Amartey Golding, whose work addresses subjects of cultural identity and intolerance. During his childhood, Golding’s family moved house regularly, not only to various contrasting communities in London but also overseas to Ghana, West Africa. These experiences of continuous fluidity and movement have undoubtedly influenced his artwork.

Golding attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and has exhibited in the Middle East and Europe with solo exhibitions in the UK, Dubai, Germany and Denmark. He won the Granta Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award in 2007 and in 2017 was shortlisted for the Young Masters Art Prize, a high profile international competition that is highly innovative in its concept – to recognise contemporary art that embraces its past.

With its billboard Attenborough Arts Centre hopes to appeal to audiences who have never, or infrequently engage with contemporary art and invite them to put themselves in another place by allowing the artwork to conceptually take them somewhere else during their day-to-day routines, and eventually physically by visiting an art gallery.

Attenborough Art Centre’s billboard will be located in Loughborough. Golding’s image accompanies an exhibition of his work that continues in the gallery until Sunday 17th June.

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