Leicester Print Workshop


In Another Place

19th May – 28th July

LPW presents new work by Phil Hackett, Khush Kali, Theo Miller, Emma Powell & Matt Strong, responding to our billboard’s context in Oadby & the aesthetics & ubiquity of advertising.



19th May – 28th July

The Print Room, LCB Depot

Exhibition by In Another Place artist Theo Miller presenting a series of new works inspired & informed by his Print Futures 2017 award.


Cultural Quarter Lates

Friday 25th May, 5 – 8 pm

In Another Place artist, Theo Miller talks about his new letterpress work, Norderstedt, showing simultaneously at LPW and on a billboard in Oadby’s Asda car park.

Produced by CVAN East Midlands

Funded by Arts Council England

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